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Welcome to 2010 Helsinki-Satakunta-Helsinki -brevet[muokkaa]

Distance.. Time.. Start Location
600 kilometer 40 hours 12.6. at 8:00 Bemböle, Espoo


Route (gpsies.com)
Route sheet - attendees will get fina version at start.

General information[muokkaa]

We like to invite you to Helsinki-Pori-Helsinki brevet held on 5.-6. of June 2009. It is official ACP 600km brevet.
For details of travelling to Helsinki see http://www.visithelsinki.fi. Options include flying, ferry from Stockholm or Rostock, and train or bus from St. Petersburg.

  • Brevet follows ACP rules
    • Bicycle must be equiped with front and rear light
    • Reflective vest is compulsory when riding in dark
    • Helmet is compulsory
    • You must follow given route and time limits
    • Private support is only allowed at controls
  • Entry fee of 10 euros includes brevet card, route map, 1 baggage drop and food at Kokemäki
    • Ask for details if you need accomodation in Helsinki before or after brevet
    • Brevet medal is optional and costs 5 euros
  • Registration and payment information Mikko Mäkipää (mikko.makipaa@yahoo.com) (+358 50 5822386)
    • If you want accommodation during brevet and baggage drop registration deadline is sunday 6.6.
    • If you just want to ride brevet deadline is friday 11.6.


Prologi (Helsinki university cycling club)

Contact Mikko Mäkipää (Prologi)

  • Email mikko.makipaa@yahoo.com
  • Phone +358 50 5822386

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