An OpenStreetMap based map of Finland in Garmin Format

You can download here an OpenStreetMap of Finland in the format used by Garmin navigators. Read also OSM Map On Garmin/Download. Elsewhere, you can download a world map or desired parts of it.

Certain POIs can be found in somewhat unusual positions in the ‘Where To?Find Places’ menu of the Garmin Edge 705. The menu structure may vary between device models.

embassies CommunityCity Hall
recycling facilities CommunityUtility
bicycle shops OthersRepair Service
tourist information Auto servicesRest Area/Tourist Info, a toilet symbol shown on the map also when there is none
train stations TransportationGround Transportation
bus and tram stops and taxi stations TransportationTransit Service

The names of stations and stops may contain name, ID (ref), route IDs (ref of containing Relation:route, or route_ref) and one of the following special characters.

Code Description
- without shelter (shelter=no)
+ with a shelter (shelter=yes)
* with a lit shelter (shelter=yes, lit=yes)

The POI translations are defined in the mkgmap source file resources/styles/default/points. See also garmin_feature_list.csv and OSM Map On Garmin/POI Types.

Searching for addresses and intersections should work. Also address numbers are translated. It is not always necessary to input a city (or better, suburb or village) name.

Even you can refine and correct the map. Read more in the OpenStreetMap wiki, especially the Beginners’ guide, Editing and Map Features. Also visit the forum of Finnish OpenStreetMap users.

This page is being maintained by Skela.

Filename File description Last updated File size A map of Finland. Updated about once a week. Copy the file gmapsupp.img to the Garmin directory of the navigator or memory card. The file may be freely distributed and modified according to the OpenStreetMap License. Tools used: 2015-09-20 07:41 PM127.3 MiB A script for generating the map You will also need the files areas.list, logging.ignore and 2014-07-08 04:35 PM3.8 KiB
areas.list A division of Finland into tiles with splitter. Necessary, because there is a maximum size of Garmin map tiles. 2012-04-29 08:37 PM1.6 KiB
logging.ignore A list of known issues reported by mkgmap in mkgmap.log.0 that we wish to ignore. 2014-04-15 04:57 PM2.7 KiB
logging.propertiesLogging properties for mkgmap. The output will be written to the file mkgmap.log.0. 2009-10-22 11:59 PM1.2 KiB

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